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Skylight Services

We install, repair, and replace both traditional and tubular skylights for residential and commercial customers. Our installers are trained to install various brands of glass and acrylic skylights. Once installed, we have the resources to complete the finishing work e.g., stucco work, painting, and touch up. Our work comes with a 10 Year Craftsmanship Warranty on new installations and 2 Year Craftsmanship Warranty on repairs. And as always, all estimates are free.

Skylight Installation Benefits


Enhance a Room or Space

By adding a skylight, you are able to bring life into a room by making it feel more spacious, appealing, and comfortable.


Save Energy

By creating additional natural light in any room of your home, you are adding value while reducing your energy costs.


Guaranteed Leak-Proof Installation

We assure you of a professional job site. Tarps are used to keep floors and furniture free of debris. We leave our work area cleaner than when we started. And a leak-proof guarantee.


Skylight Designs and Models

Skylights come in a huge selection and various sizes. Whether you need a 2 x 2 skylight installed over your kitchen table, or an 8 x 8 skylight to open up your living room for the "Wow" factor, we can help you make the right choice.


Solar Tubes and Sun Tunnel Skylights

Sun Tunnels and Solar Tubes reflect the sun's natural light through a dome at the top of your roof down a reflective metal tube into your living area. In cases where a traditional skylight isn't the answer, Tubular skylights are inexpensive, energy-efficient alternative to bring in natural light into your home. They're designed for all roof materials and pitches. Let us help you select what is best for you.


Skylight Replacement

Plastic Dome skylights are common and inexpensive and are often a source of condensation and heat. They deteriorate in light and become discolored. These are the most common reasons people upgrade their skylights. Additionally, standard dome skylights do not meet energy efficiency standards provided by the federal government.


By replacing a dome skylight with a flat glass skylight, you can save on energy bills, protect furniture from fading, and gain the healthful benefits of better natural light simply by replacing old plastic bubble dome skylights with updated, energy-efficient glass models. There is less noise, no leaking or drafts, and it's a better-looking product inside and out. High-quality glass skylight models feature a double layer of Low-E coating to provide additional thermal performance, preventing heat gain in the summer months and heat loss during the winter. Replacement skylights meeting requirements of the Energy Star program are available in a variety of sizes to fit existing skylight installations.


If you have a skylight you need to replace, we can help you out. However, you may need a repair, and we can evaluate that for you as well.



Skylight Repairs

Old skylights, cracked skylights, leaking skylights, skylight motors that aren't working properly are the majority of reasons people call. If you have any other issues or questions, please give us a call. We will clearly explain the steps necessary to evaluate and make the necessary repairs.



Our Supplier and Partner
We work hand-in-hand with our partner, Skylight and Sun, located in Berkeley, CA. You can click on this link to visit their website. (

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